Benefits of Mobile Centrifugation

Benefits of Mobile Centrifugation

Home-health nurses and medics often draw blood from patients to run lab tests.

Common serum tests are:

  • CMP – Comprehensive Metabolic Profile, runs 14 different tests.
  • BMP – Basic Metabolic Profile, runs 8 different tests.

Are you spinning down your tubes within one hour?

It is highly recommended that CMP and BMP tubes be spun within one hour otherwise glucose test results may be falsely low, and potassium test results may be falsely high. To solve this issue home-health nurses often travel out to a home, back to the lab, out to the next home, back to the lab, etc. If centrifugation is not possible within 1 hour, the nurse may need to draw an additional Sodium Fluoride preservative tube to attain accurate Glucose test results, adding more time and expense.

Skewed results from un-spun blood tubes can necessitate a re-draw from the patient, causing additional physical pain, time, expense, and frustration.

August 20, 2015 by Lauren Henze

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