Tech Tip: Increase Your Field of View

Tech Tip: Increase Your Field of View

Did you know that if you use the Optical Eyetube Adapter with the MiniVID USB, the MiniVID WiFi, or even the BioVID 1080+ cameras, your field of view (FOV) will be much larger?  When the camera is connected on a trinocular head via C-mount, the FOV may be only about 50% of what you see through the scope. But if you use an Optical Eyetube Adapter, you will approach 75% of the FOV seen through the microscope. All our trinocular heads now come with both a C-mount top piece and an eye tube top piece, so you’ll be able to connect either way onto the trinocular pipe. The Optical Eyetube Adapter comes standard with the MiniVID USB. It can be ordered as an optional accessory for the MiniVID WiFi and the BioVID 1080+ cameras (Item number: MVP-ADAO-ETCM).

Use camera with Optical Eyetube Adapter in binocular eye tube or trinocular eye tube for wider FOV
C-mount is the easiest and most common way to connect to a trinocular head

MiniVID WiFi Camera MiniVID WiFi Camera

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