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  • $ 118.80
  • $ 262.80

    DM Dual Mag 1x3 Head

    DM Dual Mag 1x3 head (no eyepieces)

    $ 262.80
  • $ 262.80

    DM Dual Mag 2x4 Head

    DM Dual Mag 2x4 head (no eyepieces)

    $ 262.80
  • from $ 479.00

    DM on Dual LED

    The DM Dual Mag stereoscope exceeds the performance demands of educators and is built to withstand daily use by students or hobbyists. Its crisp 3-...

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    from $ 479.00
  • DM on Pneumatic Arm
    $ 1,194.00

    DM on Pneumatic Arm

    The DM Dual Mag stereoscope together with the Pneu (new) Flex Arm is a symbol of functionality and ingenuity, allowing vertical, horizontal, and co...

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    $ 1,194.00
  • $ 142.80

    DM Pole-Mount Stand

    DM pole-mount stand / base (no light).

    $ 142.80
  • $ 262.80

    DM Stereoscope 1x/2x Head

    Head, DM Stereo Microscope, 1x/2x

    $ 262.80
  • Dry Block Incubator
    from $ 228.85

    Dry Block Incubator

    The LW Scientific Dry Block Incubator is designed to be used for a broad range of applications. Stable temperatures and even heating m...

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    from $ 228.85
  • from $ 425.00

    E8 Centrifuge: 8-Place Angled

    This model is loaded with features and improvements, such as higher speeds for faster and cleaner separations, quieter operation for peaceful work ...

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    from $ 425.00
  • Sale
    from $ 950.00

    E8 Combination Centrifuge (Spins Test Tubes, Microhematocrit Tubes, and Micro Tubes)

    Spin test tubes, micro tubes and microhematocrit tubes in one centrifuge with no rotor changes! The E8 Combination Centrifuge is specifically desig...

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    from $ 950.00
  • from $ 2.00

    E8 Parts List

    Parts diagram for the USA E8 centrifuge.  Download the parts diagram here. *Item for Variable Speed ONLY.**Items not shown.

    from $ 2.00
  • $ 37.00

    EZ Reader Microhematocrit Card

    Place the EZ Reader Card on a countertop. Carefully remove one of the tubes and place it into the tube slot on the card and adjust the tube until t...

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    $ 37.00
  • from $ 37.50

    Face Shield

    LW Scientific's Face Shield's full-length provides complete coverage. The wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side and front face protection....

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    from $ 37.50
  • $ 33.00

    Gas Spring for C5 and C3 Centrifuges

    Gas spring for C5 and C3 centrifuges. (Sold in a Pair)

    $ 33.00
  • $ 1.00
  • $ 164.67

    Hand Held Tachometer

    Test your centrifuge for accuracy using the LW Scientific handheld digital tachometer. Be certain that you are spinning fluids at the correct CLIA ...

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    $ 164.67
  • $ 170.66


    Our hemacytometer is specially designed for counting erythrocytes and leukocytes. Double rulings are visible through a wide range of illumination. ...

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    $ 170.66
  • $ 27.00

    Hemacytometer Cover Slips

    Coverslips for hemacytometer, glass, 20x26mm, 0.35mm thickness (10 coverslips). This is NOT a standard coverslip. For use with hemacytometer only.

    $ 27.00
  • HemataCHECK
    $ 173.75


    Micro-Hematocrit controls 6 vials: Low, Medium, and High

    $ 173.75
  • $ 10.00

    Hinge Hardware for Ultra and E8 Centrifuges

    Hinge hardware (new style); Ultra / E8 centrifuges. *2 each shoulder screws, flat & wave washers. Required with item # ULP-HNG7-7777

    $ 10.00
  • from $ 69.00

    Hollow Bath Ball Blanket

    LW Scientific’s Water Bath Blankets are an incredible addition to your lab or clinic and save you money and time. Use them instead of a lid on your...

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    from $ 69.00
  • $ 20.00

    Humidity Cover for Digital Rotator

    Clear, plastic humidity cover for Digital Rotator.

    $ 20.00
  • $ 98.40

    i4 10X Eyepiece with Reticle

    10X / 18 Eyepiece with reticle installed 23mm tube Tapered shape

    $ 98.40
  • $ 9,720.78

    i4 DNA Fragmentation (TUNEL Assay) Microscope

    Heated Stage, Epi Fluorescence, Bright Field, Dark Field, and Phase Contrast This microscope sets a new industry standard with its integrated varia...

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    $ 9,720.78