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Combo V24 Rotors

  • $ 196.10

    Combo V24 12-Place Test Tube Rotor

    3ml-15ml sized tubes with included tube shields and inserts for smaller tubes.

    $ 196.10
  • $ 185.50

    Combo V24 24-Place Microhematocrit Rotor

    Spin standard 75mm capillary tubes with the 24-place microhematocrit rotor. Results can be read directly from the rotor with the included reader disk.

    $ 185.50
  • $ 369.94

    Combo V24 24-Place Microtube Rotor

    24-place microtube rotor holds 1.5 to 2 ml sized tubes.

    $ 369.94
  • $ 528.94

    Combo V24 24-Place Test Tube Rotor

    24-place test-tube rotor holds 15ml sized tubes with included tube shields and inserts for smaller tubes.

    $ 528.94