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Andrology and Semen Analysis Equipment

  • from $ 4,450.94

    i4 Semen Evaluation Microscope

    The i4 Semen Evaluation LabScope is the complete package for live specimen microscopy. This microscope sets a new industry standard with its integr...

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    from $ 4,450.94
  • $ 9,720.78

    i4 DNA Fragmentation (TUNEL Assay) Microscope

    Heated Stage, Epi Fluorescence, Bright Field, Dark Field, and Phase Contrast This microscope sets a new industry standard with its integrated varia...

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    $ 9,720.78
  • from $ 875.00


    The digitally controlled USA Incubators from LW Scientific are perfect for various applications such as cultures, egg incubation, test kits, and ot...

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    from $ 875.00
  • $ 263.94

    Digital Differential Counter

    The Digital Differential Counter uses modern technology and microprocessor-controlled electronics for accurate cell counts. The 8 alternating red a...

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    $ 263.94
  • Dry Block Incubator
    from $ 228.85

    Dry Block Incubator

    The LW Scientific Dry Block Incubator is designed to be used for a broad range of applications. Stable temperatures and even heating m...

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    from $ 228.85
  • LW Scientific Slide Warmer
    $ 525.00

    Slide Warmer - 14 Slides

    The LW Scientific Slide Warmer is designed to be used for a broad range of applications. Our thick metal platform paired with our proprietary heati...

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    $ 525.00
  • Sale
    from $ 936.14

    Water Bath

    Our Water Bath creates a constant temperature with an open reservoir and immersion circulator, ideal for heating temperature-sensitive samples. The...

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    from $ 936.14
  • $ 422.94

    Blood Rocker

    The LW Blood Rocker gently rocks blood sample tubes and small vials. The gentle motion assures mixing without damage to fragile cell suspensions. ...

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    $ 422.94
  • from $ 1,058.94

    BioVID 1080+ Camera and 13" Monitor

    The BioVID 1080+ microscope camera is essential tools for live presentations and client education. The BioVID 1080+ camera  provides beautiful imag...

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    from $ 1,058.94
  • $ 650.00

    Ready Warm: Warm Working Station

    The Ready Warm is a multi-use digital warming plate for clinics, laboratories, and research facilities. Various applications include warming slides...

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    $ 650.00
  • from $ 935.00

    MXU Centrifuge

    The USA-made MXU centrifuge from LW Scientific is the perfect solution for clinics, laboratories, and universities. Spin blood, urine, and veterina...

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    from $ 935.00