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Refurbished Zip-IQ Microtube & PCR Centrifuge

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Sample size requirements in clinics are becoming smaller, and microtubes are becoming more popular for spinning blood and urine.  Additionally, DNA processing in laboratories is more common, and Polymerase Chain Reaction techniques require PCR strips to be spun at high g-forces to collect the DNA pellet.  The Zip-IQ MT/PCR centrifuge will spin blood and urine samples in 0.5ml to 2.0ml microtubes plus it can spin DNA samples in four PCR strips.

The maintenance-free brushless motor spins up to 8,500rpm, producing 4,850 g’s for very fast results in 3 minutes or less.  The digital controls allow speed and time to be adjusted with the touch of a finger and will show real-time speed and time remaining, then the auto-brake will slow it down quickly and smoothly and open the lid once the rotor has stopped.  This centrifuge is powerful, yet small, quiet, and affordable…the Zip-IQ MT/PCR centrifuge is the smart choice for any clinic or laboratory. 

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