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Build a Quality Lab for your Brewery

Setting up a brewery quality control laboratory is critical...

Brewery Lab Kit:

The LW Scientific Brewery Lab Kit gives brewers the ability to develop a consistent, reliable quality control system for their brewing process. The kit itself comes with our state of the art, Revelation III Binocular Microscope, a Hemacytometer, a Refractomer, and a 25 count bag of 50ml test tubes. Using these tools, a brewery can confidently produce a consistent, high quality product.


The high quality hemacytometers from LW Scientific make cell counting simple.

  • Double rulings are visible through a wide range of illumination
  • Distinct lines for easy counting
  • H-shaped moat for two separate counting areas


Get accurate measurements for yeast cultures and wort densities in no time.

  • 0-32% scale
  • Focusing eyepiece
  • Automatic temperature comparison


In order to test for microorganism growth, the Equipped Brewer proposes an incubator that has good temperature control up to 35 degrees Celsius, or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. LW Scientific has three convenient sizes of incubators, all with temperature control up to 65 degrees Celsius, or 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Our 10, 20, and 30 liter incubators will allow your lab to have excellent temperature control while using up as little space as possible.