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Horizontal Centrifugation versus Fixed Angle Centrifugation

Horizontal Centrifugation versus
Fixed Angle Centrifugation

Horizontal Centrifugation

One of the main benefits of using horizontal centrifugation is the stability of the gel layer that can be achieved. When using fixed angle centrifugation, the gel has to spread thinner in order to cover more of the surface area. Horizontal centrifugation reduces the overall surface area that the gel must cover. It is also important to note that storage and transportation can cause the layer to shift.

Since a fixed angle gel seal is thinner, and at an angle, it will be more prone to breaking, and voiding the effects of separating the blood.

Horizontal centrifugation also cuts down on waiting time. The larger radius created by the horizontal tube allows for the blood to be separated more efficiently. This means better gel seals in less time.

Why Is The Gel Seal Important?

When blood vial’s gel seal breaks, it causes the separated blood to rejoin. This rejoining can alter the chemistry of the sample, and cause any diagnosis to be inaccurate. It is important to note that re-centrifugation is not recommended. It can cause misdiagnosed readings, including pseudohyperkalemia. Horizontal centrifugation reliably provides a thick and stable gel seal, far reducing the risks of misdiagnosing due to seal leakage.

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