LW Scientific is an ISO 13485:2003 Certified Company

More than 20 years since the introduction of its proprietary merchandise into the marketplace, LW Scientific (LWS) has established itself as a leading manufacturer of microscopes, centrifuges, video imaging devices, diagnostic test strips, and laboratory products. Having recently been certified as an ISO 13485:2003 compliant company and nominated as 2013 Small Manufacturer Of The Year by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, LWS supplies markets as diverse as laboratory, health care, dental, educational, retail, and industrial inspection, in a distribution network both throughout the USA and abroad. Since its inception, LWS has maintained a reputation for attentive service, leading to steady growth and revenue expansion.


Established in 1992, LWS initially manufactured a line of student and physician microscopes targeted at universities, physicians, and small local distributors. In 1997, due to steady growth in brand-name recognition, LWS management made the decision to sell primarily through a network of authorized distributors.  Steps were taken to expand the company’s distributor base, particularly in the medical and international markets.

Product Development:

The LWS product development team is a cross-departmental group headed by the President and the Director of Product Development. Concepts, CAD designs, engineering, and production of complete product lines and specific product features, based on market research and customer input, occur at our USA facility.

LWS boasts a number of innovative products designed to fill our clients’ specific needs. Product changes and improvements occur continuously, as design efforts are implemented by our factory personnel.

Service Commitment:

LWS is committed to delivering products that meet the quality standards we promise, and providing prompt, courteous service to our clients. Our trained Technical Support Team provides unlimited support to both distributors and end users of LWS products and ensures that all LWS products are functioning in the field to the customer’s satisfaction. Many LWS clients have purchased from us for more than ten years, and several of our customers from the early 90’s are still with us today. Their continued support is a testament to our commitment to attentive service.


LWS cares passionately about both people and products. Our stated company mission is to expand as a manufacturer and supplier through a combination of employee development and innovative product development.  Historically, our proven path for growth has been to provide cost effective alternatives with attentive service to our clients.