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LW Scientific is an ISO 13485:2016 compliant Medical Device Manufacturer

LW Scientific is an ISO 13485:2016 compliant Medical Device Manufacturer

i4 with Gout Kit

The Gout Kit is an economical and simple alternative to a fully polarizing microscope. When used with the i4 Infinity microscope the Gout Kit is a valuable tool for identifying crystals in synovial fluid. 

  • Simple to use
  • Works with the I4 microscope
  • Fraction of the cost of a fully polarizing Rheumatology microscope
  • Includes Uric Acid control slide

The Gout Kit for the i4 Microscope includes the Simple Polarizing Kit plus the First Order Red Compensating Lens (whole wave plate), which allows easy identification of the specific crystals which cause arthritis.  

Gout is a type of arthritis that can occur when uric acid builds up in blood and causes joint inflammation.  Gout is caused by Sodium Urate Crystals, which are needle-like with sharp edges with strong birefringence.  

Pseudo-gout (rheumatoid) is caused by Calcium Pyrophosphate Dehydrate Crystals (CPPD), which are small rods, squares, or rhomboids with weak birefringence. 

Mi5 Polarizing Microscope

The Mi5 Polarizing LabScope is an essential tool for synovial fluid analysis. Crystal-induced arthritis, such as gout or pseudogout, can be identified and differentiated with the use of the polarizing attachment and red compensator lens. The Mi5 also functions as a flat-field, laboratory-grade microscope for routine cytology, hematology, urinalysis, etc. This specialized system was designed to combine high-resolution optics with functionality at an affordable price for rheumatologists.