MX5 Centrifuge.. Horizontal separation offers many advantages over traditional fixed-angleseparations, including tighter straight-line gel separations to reduce re-spins andre-mixes.

The MX5 spins test tubes, up to 17.5 x 128mm, at speeds up to 5,000 rpm, with microprocessor speed control. Simply program the digital time and speed and the MX5 will lock the lid and spin the load. G-forces up to 4,250g’s will produce platelet-poor-plasma in minutes.

Programmable Time and Speed

  • Digital display
  • 4, 8, and 24 tube capacity
  • 5 programmable settings
  • User-friendly interface

Multiple Rotor Options

  • 8-Place 15ml rotor
  • 4-Place 50ml rotor
  • 4-Place Bucket rotor
  • 4-Place IRAP rotor

OEM and private labeling

More than 20 years since the introduction of its proprietary merchandise into the marketplace, LW Scientific (LWS) has established itself as a leading manufacturer of microscopes, centrifuges, video imaging devices, diagnostic test strips, and laboratory products.

Our ISO 13485 compliant (medical device quality assurance program) facility provides a platform for repeatable, dependable leading products.  

Please contact us for product development, OEM, and private labeling opportunities.