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Bright Field

  • from $ 2,085.02

    Innovation Biological Microscope

    The premium choice for discerning cytologists, doctors, and researchers. The Innovation microscope is equipped to ease the burden on the busiest an...

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    from $ 2,085.02
  • from $ 1,614.38

    i4 Infinity, 4 Objective Microscope

    The i4 modular series microscope features exceptional optical quality and expandability for top-notch performance in the lab. Use the rotating hea...

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    from $ 1,614.38
  • from $ 673.10

    Revelation III DIN, 4 Objective Microscope

    The Revelation III is a best-seller into physician and veterinarian clinics, as well as universities and medical schools. The Revelation lll comes ...

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    from $ 673.10
  • from $ 2,271.02

    Mohs Innovation Microscope

    The Innovation Microscope is ideal for the Mohs technique. Examine margins accurately with the 2.5x objective with confidence.  Powerful performa...

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    from $ 2,271.02
  • from $ 1,049.00

    Portable, Rechargeable Revelation lll Microscope

    The Revelation III Portable USB-powered microscope is ready to travel! The best-selling clinical microscope now has the option of a 5vDC electroni...

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    from $ 1,049.00