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G-Force Calculation
RPM Calculation
G-Force 0.00
RPM 0.00
Product Radius (in) Radius (cm)
MX12 with 12-place angled rotor
2.2 5.7
MX12 with 24-place angled rotor
3.3 8.4
MX12 with 24-place microhematocrit rotor 3.3 8.4
MX5 with 24-place angled test tube rotor 4.9 12.5
MX5 with angled IRAP /FAT rotor 4.9 12.5
MX5 with bucket test tube rotor 5.7 14.6
MX5 with 8-place swing-out test tube rotor 5.9 15.1
MXU with 4-place 50ml angled rotor 4.3 11.0
MXU with 8-place angled test tube rotor 4.4 11.2
MXU with 6-place swing-out test tube rotor
5.6 14.3
USA E8 with 8-place angled test tube rotor  4.4 11.2
Zip-IQ TT with 6-place angled test tube rotor 3.5 9.0
Zip-IQ MT with 6-place angled microtube rotor 1.5 4.0