100x Infinity Plan DRY Objective

$ 449.00

SKU: MSO-100X-IPDR (Available mid June)
Our new 100x DRY Infinity PLAN objective will bring a radical change in the world of microscopy.  With clarity, resolution, and flat-field-of-view that rivals the best 100x OIL Infinity PLAN objectives.  Why use oil?  
  • Never buy immersion oil again
  • Never wipe oil off a slide
  • Never clean oil off your fingers or your microscope stage
  • Never clean oil off of the 100x objective
  • Never drag a 40x objective through the oil
  • Increase efficiency and speed scanning slides

Imagine how quickly doctors and techs can scan cytology slides without ever slowing down.  The satisfaction and relief after so many years of struggling with oil. 

Our 100x DRY Infinity PLAN objective installs onto any LW Scientific microscope with an infinity optical system (Mi5, i4, Innovation).  It also can be installed onto other microscope brands like Olympus, Unico, Motic, Labomed, Swift, Accuscope, and Nikon (additional threaded adapter ring required for Nikon e200) with infinity optical systems.

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