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About Us

All About LW Scientific

Thank you to all of our customers, employees, and partners for twenty great years of LW Scientific! We are thankful we have made an impact in the world. As you may imagine, during that time we have grown to serve varied industries – medical, reference labs, electronics, veterinary medicine, bio-research, epidemiology, etc. In these twenty years, we’ve helped solve problems that touch all aspects of life. Developing quick deployment portable devices for missions and crisis zone responders, supporting a multi-national advanced fluorescence microscopy study at the World Health Organization to increase TB diagnostic capacity and effectiveness, supporting micro-enterprise development projects in resource-poor countries, inventing cutting edge ophthalmic digital image capture software and hardware for archival, patient education, and remote medicine are some of the highlights. We have been privileged and humbled to operate in a space where we knew we belonged to something bigger than ourselves and were happy to work in areas we felt we could make profound impact.

The good fight for better solutions is only a result of good people endeavoring to do good things. That’s where it all starts. Our team’s innate desire to leave a positive footprint where we go is evidenced when you call for questions and receive a live voice or the occasional returned phone call where our team shows itself to be knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and ready to offer solutions. For twenty years, this has been our heartbeat, and it shows with the tenure of our staff and the loyalty of our customers.

Best Days Are Ahead

Economic headwinds, foreign competition, the domestic healthcare crisis, and demand for simple and effective diagnostic solutions continue to inspire us to press forward. Over the past few years, we’ve worked to bring our Made-In-America products to a new level. Although our economy has seen market conditions erode, the need for effective, affordable diagnostic solutions in our market space has increased with the drive to reduce healthcare costs. Our desires to increasingly provide good jobs in this tentative worldwide environment have driven our transformation over these recent years. The latest series of Made-In-America projects promise new best in its class centrifuges and fluorescence devices. We continue to work to bring jobs home to the US. Our ISO 13485:2016 compliant (medical device quality assurance program) facility provides a platform for repeatable, dependable leading products. I hope you will enjoy ongoing success in your work, and we look forward to our continued quest in solving important world problems.

Ernie Tai
President and CEO