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E8 Centrifuge: 8-Place Angled

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Engineered with a host of advanced features, the E8 Centrifuge delivers faster, quieter, and more precise separations to streamline your critical testing workflows.

Faster Separations, Cleaner Results

The E8 Centrifuge boasts speeds, up to 3500 RPM, enabling fast and clean separations of your samples.

Quieter Operation for Peaceful Environments

Enjoy a peaceful work environment with the E8's whisper-quiet operation. The reduced noise levels ensure your lab remains a productive, distraction-free space.

Cooler Samples, Better Preservation

The E8's design keeps chamber temperatures lower, helping to preserve the integrity of your test-tube samples during the separation process.

Compact Footprint, Versatile Placement

With a shorter height, the E8 Centrifuge can easily fit under any cabinet, optimizing your valuable lab space without compromising performance.

Precision and Compliance

The E8 Touch model features a digital, touchscreen interface with no knobs. Enjoy precise time and speed programming, ensuring CLIA compliance and the highest accuracy at an affordable price.

Flexible Separation Capabilities

The E8 Fixed model is designed for blood separations at a fixed speed of 3500 RPM (1534 g-force). The E8 Variable and E8 Touch models can separate blood at 3500 RPM and also slow down to separate other fluids, such as urine, at lower g-force as outlined by C.L.I.A. regulations.

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