USA Incubators

The digitally controlled USA Incubators from LW Scientific are perfect for various applications such as cultures, egg incubation, test kits, and other microbiological uses in pediatric, physician, and hospital labs.

Why Use Oil? Try the Dry.

Never use oil again.  The 100x DRY Infinity PLAN objective will bring a radical change in the world of microscopy. With clarity, resolution and flat-field-of-view that rivals the best 100x OIL Infinity PLAN objectives.

Refurbished C5 Swing-Out Centrifuge

Horizontal separation offers many advantages over traditional fixed-angle separations, including tighter straight-line gel separations to reduce re-spins and re-mixes. 

Build a Quality Lab for your Brewery

Laboratory resources enable breweries to truly hone in on quality control. Ability to understand and predict the shelf life of a product will make targeted production runs much easier.

Featured Products


Combo V24T Centrifuge

$ 1,859.00

SKU: CMC-1224-77T1
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ZipCombo Centrifuge

$ 558.00

SKU: ZCC-12HD-40T3
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$ 644.00

SKU: iCL-010L-D031
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E8 Combination Centrifuge (Test Tube & Microhematocrit)

$ 1,199.00

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E8 Centrifuge: 8-Place Angled (Fixed, Variable, or Digital Controls)

$ 347.00

SKU: E8C-U8AF-1503
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Lumin Epi-Fluorescence Module

Safe, compact, and easy-to-install on many existing infinity microscopes, the Lumin Epi-Fluorescence Module represents a breakthrough in providing  affordable fluorescence advances to laboratories worldwide.