Why Use Oil? Try the Dry.

Never use oil again.  The 100x DRY Infinity PLAN objective will bring a radical change in the world of microscopy. With clarity, resolution and flat-field-of-view that rivals the best 100x OIL Infinity PLAN objectives.

Build a Quality Lab for your Brewery

Laboratory resources enable breweries to truly hone in on quality control. Ability to understand and predict the shelf life of a product will make targeted production runs much easier.

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Combo V24T Centrifuge

$ 1,859.00

SKU: CMC-1224-77T1
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ZipCombo Centrifuge

$ 558.00

SKU: ZCC-12HD-40T3
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Zip-IQ Combo Centrifuge

$ 1,319.00

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E8 Centrifuge: 8-Place Angled

$ 347.00

SKU: E8C-U8AF-1503
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Lumin Epi-Fluorescence Module

Safe, compact, and easy-to-install on many existing infinity microscopes, the Lumin Epi-Fluorescence Module represents a breakthrough in providing  affordable fluorescence advances to laboratories worldwide.