Build a Quality Lab for your Brewery

Laboratory resources enable breweries to truly hone in on quality control. Ability to understand and predict the shelf life of a product will make targeted production runs much easier.

100x Infinity Plan DRY Objective

Imagine how quickly doctors and techs can scan cytology slides without ever slowing down.  The satisfaction and relief after so many years of struggling with oil. 

ComboXL Swing-Out Centrifuge

The ComboXL centrifuge spins test tubes from 3ml to 15ml, and even 50ml, at speeds up to 4,000 rpm, with microprocessor speed control.

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ZipCombo Centrifuge

$ 558.00

SKU: ZCC-12HD-40T3
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Zip-IQ TT Test Tube Centrifuge

$ 635.00

SKU: ZIC-06AD-15T3
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Innovation Biological Microscope

$ 1,967.00

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E8 Centrifuge: 8-Place Angled

$ 347.00

SKU: E8C-U8AF-1503
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Lumin Epi-Fluorescence Module

Safe, compact, and easy-to-install on many existing infinity microscopes, the Lumin Epi-Fluorescence Module represents a breakthrough in providing  affordable fluorescence advances to laboratories worldwide.