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Power Package Epi-Fluorescence Microscope

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SKUi4M-TN4A-ISL3, i4P-EPIL-485N, MSO-060X-iPDR, i4P-CND7-DFOL, BVC-4K16-CMT3

Healthcare starts in the soil.

"Without LW Scientific's microscopes, there's no way I could have written Regenerative Soil Microscopy. They make the tools that make my work possible."
Matt Powers

i4 Microscope:
The i4 modular series microscope features exceptional optical quality and expandability for top-notch performance in the lab. Use the rotating head to adjust the height for taller users. Infinity Plan and Semi-Plan optics with a 30-year anti-fungal coating match quality with value within any clinic’s budget. With cool, long-life LED illumination, the i4 Infinity microscope is the perfect choice for durability, dependability, and superior imaging in the laboratory.

The BioVID 4K Ultra HD camera from LW Scientific provides stunning resolution and color for client education and live presentations. Mount the camera to any trinocular C-mount, and you will have access to high-quality, 8 megapixel imaging and 4K video on your monitor or television screen. Save images and videos to the camera’s SD card, or connect the camera to your computer via USB. The BioVID 4K also has an HDMI port for connection to any large HDTV or projector. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160, the BioVID 4K camera will display 4K quality onto any 4K compatible screen. This camera comes equipped with an extremely sensitive Sony IMX334(C) sensor chip to help it maintain 4K resolution and a fast frame rate in low-light and high magnification settings. No matter where you are, the BioVID 4K will ensure a crisp, clear image from the lecture hall to the laboratory.


  • i4 Trinocular Microscope
  • Brightfield & OIL Darkfield Condensers
  • LUMIN Epi-Fluorescence Module
  • 4-10-40-100x OIL infinity S-Plan Objectives
  • 60x DRY objective
  • BioVID 4K Microscope Camera

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