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MegaVID WiFi Microscope Camera

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SKU MVC-12MP-WIFI (Introductory price available for a limited time)

The MegaVID WiFi 12MP camera is an incredible addition to our camera line. Operating at 5GHz frequency for maximum speed (3840x2160@30fps) the MegaVID can be mounted to nearly any microscope that supports trinocular C-mount and connects to any iOS or Android device through the LW Scientific app. Utilize the MegaVID Wi-Fi to its fullest capabilities using the included software disc to connect to any desktop. The MegaVID Wi-Fi has many applications but is best suited for teaching, training, and educating clients and students.

  • Live stream video clips on any device
  • High-res images in BMP, JPG, and PNG formats
  • LW Scientific app available on iOS and Android or desktop through the included software disc
*MegaVID WiFi not compatible with Mac OS.

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