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  • from $ 2,114.70

    Z4 Zoom Embryo-GLO Stereoscope

    The Z4 Zoom Stereoscope on the Embryo-GLO Base is the perfect choice for embryo transfer professionals. The Z4 Zoom Stereoscope magnifies from 7x-4...

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    from $ 2,114.70
  • Z4 Stereoscope
    from $ 1,265.64

    Z4 Zoom System

    The Z4 Zoom Stereo-microscope on Dual-LED pole stand is a laboratory-grade microscope designed for medical, veterinary, and industrial professional...

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    from $ 1,265.64
  • DM on Pneumatic Arm
    $ 1,194.00

    DM on Pneumatic Arm

    The DM Dual Mag stereoscope together with the Pneu (new) Flex Arm is a symbol of functionality and ingenuity, allowing vertical, horizontal, and co...

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    $ 1,194.00
  • from $ 479.00

    DM on Dual LED

    The DM Dual Mag stereoscope exceeds the performance demands of educators and is built to withstand daily use by students or hobbyists. Its crisp 3-...

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    from $ 479.00
  • $ 4,523.00

    Industrial Inspection Stereoscope

    Using the Z4 Zoom Stereo microscope, industrial professionals can easily perform quality control inspections. Die casts, wire casings, jewelry, cir...

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    $ 4,523.00