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13.3" Camera Screen Monitor

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This high-resolution screen attaches directly to your BioVID or MegaVID microscope camera, using a standard c-mount trinocular pipe to magnify your images for improved clarity and detail.

The 13.3" HD Monitor is designed to work seamlessly with the following LW Scientific microscope cameras:

  • BioVID HD 1080+
  • BioVID 4k
  • MegaVID
  • High-Resolution Display for Exceptional Clarity

With its high screen resolution and fast frame rate, the 13.3" HD Monitor delivers crystal-clear images and responsive performance. Connect the monitor to your microscope camera via HDMI input for a direct, high-quality connection.

Easy Attachment with Trinocular C-Mount Pipe

The monitor attaches to your microscope using a trinocular c-mount pipe.  This allows for a secure connection, ensuring your monitor stays in place during use.


The trinocular c-mount pipe is not included with the monitor and must be purchased separately if you do not already have one.

The MegaVID Monitor Bracket must be purchased separately when using the 13.3" HD Monitor with the MegaVID microscope camera.

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