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Urine Reagent Test Strips

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LW Scientific Urine Reagent Test Strips are available in a variety of configurations, ranging from single-parameter tests to comprehensive 9- or 10-parameter panels. Select the combination that best suits your specific testing needs, whether you require a focused or broad-spectrum analysis.

Intuitive Interpretation

Clearly read your test results using the color chart provided on the vial. For quantitative measurements, utilize our automated strip readers to obtain precise, objective data.

Extended Shelf Life

Each unopened vial of 100 individual test strips boasts a long shelf life, ensuring you can maintain a reliable supply of high-quality reagents for your laboratory or clinic.

Specialized Applications

In addition to our comprehensive URS panels, we offer specialized Ketone strips tailored for low-carb dieters. Monitor ketone output in urine, a key indicator of dietary success.

Professional-Grade Quality

Please note that our 1 Parameter - Blood, 5 Parameter, and 10 Parameter test strips are intended for professional use only and must not be used for "at home" or "over the counter" applications.

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