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  • from $ 18.00

    Motor Mounts for Combo V24, M24, and Combo XL Centrifuges

    CMP-MNT7-MTR7: Motor mounts; M24 centrifuge. Set of 3. CMP-MNT7-MTR6: Motor mounts; Combo V24, V24T, and Combo XL centrifuges. Set of 6. ...

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    from $ 18.00
  • from $ 1,058.94

    MX12 Micro-Combo Centrifuge

    We are currently experiencing a high volume of orders of this product and shipping may be delayed. Expect delivery in two weeks.MX12 Micro-Combo ce...

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    from $ 1,058.94
  • $ 1,525.20

    MX5 Bucket Rotors

    Bucket Rotor Kits fit into any LW Scientific MX5 or C5 centrifuge:C5R-KIT7-15ML includes 4 blue 6-place test tube inserts Spins up to 24 3ml-10ml...

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    $ 1,525.20
  • from $ 2,300.00

    MX5 Centrifuge

    With many configurations, the high-performance USA MX5 is the most versatile, large-volume centrifuge manufactured by LW Scientific. It spins many ...

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    from $ 2,300.00
  • $ 3,400.00

    MX5 Centrifuge for Semen Concentration

    The MX5 with 8-place, 50ml swing-out rotor spins at speeds up to 5,000rpm (4,220g) with microprocessor speed control. The digital menu is simple-to...

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    $ 3,400.00
  • from $ 935.00

    MXU Centrifuge

    The USA-made MXU centrifuge from LW Scientific is the perfect solution for clinics, laboratories, and universities. Spin blood, urine, and veterina...

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    from $ 935.00
  • $ 60.00

    Nose Piece (4 position) for Revelation III Microscope

    Nose Piece (4 position); Revelation III microscope.

    $ 60.00
  • $ 394.80

    OIL Darkfield Condenser for i4 Microscope

    Darkfield microscopy uses refracted light to make live, unstained specimens appear with bright contrast against a dark background.  By blocking the...

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    $ 394.80
  • $ 394.80

    OIL Darkfield Condenser for Innovation Microscope

    Dark Field Condenser for viewing live unstained tissues and cells.

    $ 394.80
  • Eyepiece Adapter for MiniVID Cameras
    $ 142.80

    Optical 0.5x Reduction Eyepiece Adapter for MiniVID and BioVID Cameras

    Eyepiece adapter for MiniVID and BioVID Cameras. Fits into all standard 23mm eye tubes once eyepiece is removed.  Features 0.5x optics for better c...

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    $ 142.80
  • $ 3,402.02

    Pearl PC / WiFi Microscope Kit

    The Innovation microscope is equipped to ease the burden on the busiest and most discriminating lab technicians and specialists.  Powerful performa...

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    $ 3,402.02
  • Pipette Shaker
    $ 465.34

    Pipette Shaker

    LW Scientific pipette shakers easily achieve consistent results in specimen separation and are especially effective for blood preparation. The LWS ...

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    $ 465.34
  • $ 1,799.00

    Platelet Rotator

    Durable construction Whisper-quiet, heavy-duty motor Holds 12 platelet bags per basket up to 48 Variable speed control from 0 to 9 rpms Stainless ...

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    $ 1,799.00
  • $ 838.80

    Pneumatic Flex Arm for Z3, Z4 Zoom, and DM Stereoscopes

    Pneumatic Flex Arm, 76mm, for Z3, Z4 Zoom or DM stereoscopes.

    $ 838.80
  • from $ 1,049.00

    Portable, Rechargeable Revelation lll Microscope

    The Revelation III Portable USB-powered microscope is ready to travel! The best-selling clinical microscope now has the option of a 5vDC electroni...

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    from $ 1,049.00
  • $ 2,138.90

    Portable, Rechargeable Soil Food Web Premium Microscope Kit

    The Revelation III Portable USB-powered microscope is ready to travel! The best-selling clinical microscope now has the option of a 5vDC electronic...

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    $ 2,138.90
  • from $ 475.00

    Portafuge Centrifuge

    The portable E8 Portafuge is designed for spinning on the go. This model is loaded with features and improvements, such as higher speeds for faster...

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    from $ 475.00
  • $ 66.00

    Power Adapter Cord, 8 amp

    Power adapter, AC-DC 100-240 watt Auto switching 12v/8A, with C13 power cord Can be used with Universal, Black USA E8 centrifuge, ZipSpin, and Zip...

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    $ 66.00
  • $ 6,799.02

    Power Package Epi-Fluorescence Microscope

    Healthcare starts in the soil. "Without LW Scientific's microscopes, there's no way I could have written Regenerative Soil Microscopy. They make t...

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    $ 6,799.02
  • $ 36.00

    Power supply; I4 microscope

    Power supply; I4 microscope. *new model LED

    $ 36.00
  • $ 10.50

    Prism Cover for Refractometer

    Prism cover and pin; plastic; handheld refractometer.

    $ 10.50
  • $ 79.00

    Pro Service Microscope Cleaning Kit

    Keep your optical equipment operating flawlessly with the Pro Service Kit from LW Scientific. Who could know more about optical performance than a ...

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    $ 79.00
  • $ 900.00

    Ready Warm Wall Incubator

    The Ready Warm Wall Incubator from LW Scientific provides uniform heat distribution for incubation of specimens and any other applications requirin...

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    $ 900.00
  • $ 650.00

    Ready Warm: Warm Working Station

    The Ready Warm is a multi-use digital warming plate for clinics, laboratories, and research facilities. Various applications include warming slides...

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    $ 650.00