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BioVID 1080+ Camera and 13" Monitor

$ 1,534.88

The BioVID 1080+ microscope camera is essential tools for live presentations and client education. The BioVID 1080+ camera  provides beautiful images with amazing sensitivity and speed. Mount the BioVID cameras to any trinocular microscope with C-Mount pipe. Using the provided memory storage, you can click to save, edit, and view your images and videos with side-by-side comparisons when connected to a monitor via HDMI connection. Or, utilize the included image capture software when connected to a PC or MAC via USB connection. Whether in a large lecture hall, a classroom, the laboratory, or the clinic, the BioVID 1080+ Camera will ensure clients and students see microscope images clearly.

Ideal For A Wide Variety Of Applications:

  • Research, Teaching, & Demonstration
  • Pathology, Cytology, Oncology, Hematology, Semen Evaluation
  • Dental Applications
  • Industrial & Manufacturing

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